By: Roy Kittler February 20, 2018

In this video, the Stomp it Tutorials squad shows you how to cork 360. This legendary trick is one of the most fun things to do on a pair of skis. For some, it’s easy for others not so much. No matter if you got cork 3’s down or not, with these handy hints from Stomp It Tutorials you’re sure to take your cork 3’s to the next level.

HOW TO CORK 360 ON SKIS with Stomp it Tutorials

Start small and just wobble a bit in the beginning and work your way up to it slowly.

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Tips in the tutorial:

00:39 Prerequisites Carved 360s and 540s

00:32 Where to start? Steep jump and landing

01:50 Cork 360 frustrations Lukas Cork 3 tips:

02:44 It´s personal

02:56 Set it with your core

03:04 Carve in like a good skier

03:33 Keep your head up

03:56 Don´t rush it be patient

04:47 Its personal but there are wrong ways of doing cork 360s

05:02 Summary

06:05 Post a video of yourself trying this on Instagram with #istompedit