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The 7 Stages of Blank (Full Film)

By: Ethan Stone October 25, 2019

Among the various tribes of the world, few are known for getting as rowdy as this rare breed from the north of the Americas. Alternately known as “givin’ ‘er”, “getting buck” or simply “hoonin'”, the Canadians have a full vocabulary when it comes to being a loose cannon — and among the rowdiest of them are represented by Blank Films, who’ve been documenting the Canuck way of life on skis for several seasons now. Their latest effort, “The 7 Stages of Blank,” has everything you want from a ski movie, with rowdy backcountry action from the likes of Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek and more, to the park prowess of A-listers like Vincent Gagnier and Evan McEachran.