Bgod and Brady

The Nuance of Brady Perron and Phil Casabon

By: Ethan Stone October 22, 2019

The next installment of Armada Skis' Joint Efforts campaign, a five-part series of intimate collaborations among the AR family’s talented network of creators, comes from Phil Casabon and Brady Perron in the form of their new short film "Nuance."

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the finest ski filmmaking of the year.

If you frequent our website to watch ski videos, you'll know that there are a lot of guys out there these days either filming skiing or getting filmed skiing. I'm here to tell you now that none of them brings the same pathos to the project, the same attention to detail in front of or behind the lens, as Brady Perron and Phil Casabon.

Brady & Phil. Photo: Bergeron

Re-upping on the success of their project "En Particulier" last year, this dynamic duo is back again to re-interpret Phil's X Games Real Ski footage in a longer format than the 1.5-minute format required by that contest. This is probably something that every Real Ski competitor should be doing—and we've seen it already from a few others—but the art that Perron and Casabon create together is simply something special. Aw shucks, listen to me rambling on—they've got me feeling all sentimental. Head on over to the Joint Efforts mini-site and sample the vibes for yourself.

Man at work. Photo: Bergeron