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MAGMA 3 | Alex Hall, Hunter Hess and Owen Dahlberg are back

By: Adam Herman December 01, 2023

Probably the best movie of the year. – Matej švancer at the Innsbruck premiere

Take it from the baby GOAT himself and go watch it if you haven’t yet. The third instalment of Magma is now online. Enjoy 18 minutes of slushy bc jumps and street skiing by Alex Hall and Hunter Hess. Beautifully shot and produced by the one and only Owen Dahlberg.

From YouTube: After 3 long years, please enjoy MAGMA 3! We love you all. Thank you for supporting us. This would not have been possible without any of you.

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Featuring Alex Hall and Hunter Hess

Produced and edited by Owen Dahlberg

This video was made for the love of skiing.

Supported by Volkl Skis, Monster Energy, Marker Bindings, Spyder Freeski, and Dalbello Boots.