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Revenge Of The Topside Boys | Nikolai Schirmer

By: Simon Bartik November 28, 2023

Freeride skier Nikolai Schirmer presents Revenge Of The Topside Boys, an awesome movie packed with crazy lines, couloirs, and a redemption story. Featuring also Krister Røhme Kopala, Joonas Mattila, Anders Vest, if you like freeride skiing you don’t want to miss this one!

From YoTube: Two years after my run-in with the deadly forces of the mountain we return to claim what we believe should be ours.

We visited the dream zone a couple of years ago when we filmed for “Wavy”, we saw the endless spines and the fluffy snow.
But we didn’t ski it back then because of some weak layers in the snow. This time around it all worked out really well and we skied some cool lines!