Enter darkness

TOPPTYRICON | Big Mountain Skiing on the West Coast of Norway

By: Adam Herman November 28, 2023

Another freeride movie? Heck yes. Norwegian skier Trygg Lind took a different approach and composed an original soundtrack for his flick TOPPTYRICON, that suits really well to the black and white aesthetics and steep lines. The film offers fine riding from not only Trygg, but also Emil Leenderts, Henrik Ulleland, Christopher Lange, and Jacob Wester. Tune in to watch this freeride darkness!

From YouTube: TOPPTYRICON is a ski film featuring Big Mountain skiing on the west coast of Norway, from myself, Emil Leenderts, Henrik Ulleland, Christopher Lange, and Jacob Wester, with additional appearances by Calum Mcintyre, Severin Welle, and Even Melhus. The filming for this project in took place in Høgevarde for four days in January, Sogndal for three days in February, with most of the footage filmed in the Volda/ Ørsta area of Sunnmøre in March, April, and May of 2023. The film features an all-original soundtrack composed by myself spesifically for this film. Big shoutout to my sponsor Houdini Sportswear for making this film possible, and big shoutout to everyone else who’s helped out, and who makes the ski community great!