Passion for street skiing

Magnetic is an 8th urban film from OS Crew

By: Simon Bartik February 04, 2024

If you pay attention to street skiing, you probably already know OS Crew. They are constantly putting a lot of energy and passion into making street ski films, Magnetic is their 8th release already. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy almost 20 minutes of fun urban skiing from one of the most active crews of the past decade!

Riders: Aden Moore, Ian Russell, Audrey Friess, Zac Scheuerman, Josh Karcher, Kyle Johnston, Queso Dubois, Jake Barrett, Ridge Dirksmeier, Aron Bayreuther, Graham Gray, Mason Kennedy, Juice Kennedy

Filmed by: The riders, with the help of: Hunter Smith, Keegan O’brien, and Crosby Cre

Supported by: Line Skis, Wear Leathers, Roxa Ski Boots, and J Skis