Quann gets it right

Shadows Fade | Quinn Wolferman’s 22/23 Part

By: Ethan Stone January 22, 2024

Seriously, how many absolute bangers can you fit into five minutes?

Some skiers drop season edits, others drop full parts. No doubt about it, “Shadows Fade” belongs solidly in the latter camp, as the multi-talented Quinn serves up tasty dishes in all kinds of terrain, from lines to booters to park. With Clayton Vila helping out in the kitchen as well, you already know that this menu deserves some Michelin stars. Eat up.

From YouTube:

Shadows Fade – An unassuming solo project.

Edited by: Clayton Vila & Loren Creer

Principal Cinematography: Justin Mayers

Additional Cinematography: Caleb Ely, Hotlaps Official (Andrew Gayda),
Reid Ferguson, AJ Dakoulas

Music: ThxSoMuch- SPIT IN MY FACE!

Givenchy (feat. Asaad)
1017 ALYX 9SM

Do It (Remix) (feat. Jam City & Aidan)
1017 ALYX 9SM

Supported By: Monster Energy & Armada Skis