Have you seen a bear?

Never Seen a Bear by Ben Barclay

By: Simon Bartik January 30, 2024

Ben Barclay is a skier from New Zealand mostly known for his competition skills, but he can throw down in wherever terrain. Last spring Ben teamed up with Gavin Rudy and Nico Porteus, who were filming for their project FunkRx, and managed to create his own piece Never Seen a Bear. It turned out to be a super sick short, don’t sleep on it!

A couple words from Ben:
“There wasn’t really a plan for this project, I was just a groupie for Nico’s project ‘FunkRx’, helping build spots that I got to session afterwards. Lucky for me Gavin Rudy pointed the camera my way each time and we ended up with enough footage to put together a short film!
There was an ongoing joke how us Kiwi’s had never come across a bear before and as time went on we started to think it was some mythical creature that doesn’t actually exist in California and Gav was winding us up. After about a month of wanting to see one, from a distance, we went home and Gav went north, sending us a message a couple days later that he’d seen a bear!”