TBT: JF Cusson in PBP’s “Propaganda”

By: Ethan Stone June 14, 2018

Who remembers Propaganda? Johnny Decesare’s celebrated 2001 film dropped right as freeskiing was beginning to catch the attention of skiing’s mainstream. With a colorful cast of founding fathers like Cusson, Mike Douglas, Shane Szocs and JP Auclair, backed up by legends-to-be like C.R. Johnson, Eric Pollard, Sarah Burke and Tanner Hall, Propaganda is a true timepiece of the freeskiing movement, and J.F. Cusson’s segment is one of the best. Journey with us now to a time when quarterpipes and hips were everywhere, the mullet was in fashion (okay, it still is) and a frontside switch-up was the hottest rail trick around. And if you don’t get the intro, do yourself a favor and go watch the classic ’90s movie Kingpin.