By: Downdays April 30, 2021

We’ve seen a lot of stellar content already from this year’s Audi Nines in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, from the course preview and the ski highlights edit to our own hand-picked photo gallery. Now it’s time to absorb the aptly named Magnum Opus edit: an 18-minute journey deep into the world of the Nines will all of the best shots and vibes from the 2021 session.

You’ve already seen the Ski and Snowboard highlights, now prepare yourself for the full monty. The Ultimate Highlight Mixtape rolls all of our favorite moments from the 2021 Audi Nines presented by Falken into one whirlwind bonanza of shred action. From the slopes of Crans-Montana, Switzerland straight to your screen, this is our homage to yet another spectacular Audi Nines and the visionaries—riders, shapers, filmers, editors, designers, drone jockeys, cat drivers, and photo Gs—who make this very special event what it is.

From the creativity of Patrick Hofmann and Moritz Boll to the sendiness and style of Kim Gubser and Matěj Švancer, this edit encapsulates all of the top moments from a week’s worth of shredding on one of the world’s most unique feature designs. So sit back, crack open a Monster and prepare for a full-length journey into this year’s Audi Nines.

The Audi Nines Presented by Falken is produced by: The Distillery GmbH & NBH Events And Consulting e.K. Film

Produced by: The Distillery –

Edited by: Phil & Christoph Kaar –

Music Used in Film:

“Nines 21 Theme Song” by Juli Kossmann

“Der Hund Will Zu Viel” by Hidden Glucc

“Wie Sich Die Berge Färben” by Hidden Clucc –

“leichter/kälter” by Edwin Rosen –… Licensed via IRSINN –

“Morning Sunshine” by Bluey Green –… Licensed via Mitch Horton

Filmed by: Lukas Hauser, Lukas König, Christoph Kaar, Jonas Schnürch, Nico Walz, Peter Kaiser, Davide Spina, Jannis Oing, Imanuel Thallinger, Thibaud Maury, Toby Wilson, Borja Azurmendi

FPV: Shaggy FPV

GoPro Follow Cam: Alex Meliss, Andrew Gayda, Lorenzo Peeters

GoPro Team: Sean Balmer, Alexis Barreyat

Event Photography by: Klaus Polzer, Florian Breitenberger, Markus Fischer, Theo Acworth