Being takes you inside the lives of Sammy C, Bobby Brown and Nick Goepper

By: Roy Kittler February 02, 2018

The World of X Games “Being” series explores an in-depth look inside the lives of the world’s most elite action sports athletes. Check out these 3 insides into the life of Sammy Carlson, Bobby Brown and Nick Goepper. The full “Being” playlist is available on X Games YouTube page including Rodney Mullen and many more of the worlds best action sports athletes..

An eight-time X Games medalist, Sammy Carlson has eight X Games medals in three disciplines - Real Ski Backcountry, Slopestyle and Big Air. Though he has competed at the X Games since 2006, his true passion lies in the backcountry. 

Colorado native Bobby Brown got his start in Ski Slopestyle and Big Air at X Games, and still considers it the penultimate event in his ski career. Brown’s competitive peers offer their perspectives on Brown’s career.

Following his performance in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Ski Slopestyle rider Nick Goepper experienced the “post-Olympic hangover.” Now, heading into another competition, Goepper renews his goals.