Big Trouble in a tiny tent – Whiteroom Productions

By: Roy Kittler January 16, 2018

Alex, Max and Raphael are three freeriders from Innsbruck, Austria, preparing for an ordinary freeride weekend in the mountains. As they were checking out their tent, a fantastic adventure suddenly takes its course. Together they experience a breathtaking roller coaster ride through a magical winter mountain world. It’s their enchanted tiny tent, that takes the three likeable heroes to places, they have never seen and skied before. Soon they start enjoying the funny trip in their curious tent in anticipation of what they will experience next…
„Big trouble in a tiny tent“ is an entirely different ski movie, an uncommon approach to ski movie productions. An adventurous story, rather than the mere juxtaposition of hardcore ski action. Our latest movie focuses on the fun and passion of skiing and snowboarding in telling a fabulous story. In between the professional riders accomplish outstanding athletic performances.