By: Matt Masson November 08, 2022

Enjoy the show!

There’s a reason so many of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders end up in Innsbruck. It might be the mountains, it might be the snow… it might be the vibrant and eclectic community of likeminds in one invigorating city surrounded by both of the above. In Innsbruck Powder People ex-Freeride World Tour skier and ‘imported local’ Neil Williman and filmmaker Timmy Schröder introduce Innbruck’s rag-tag collective of elite shredders as they explore the biggest peaks, sendiest hits and rowdiest lines around the city (and all accessed by public transport!)

(You’ll recognize Neil’s Kiwi twang if you’ve watched any of the Freeride World Tour in the last few years.)


Riders:  Neil Williman, Leo Rauch, Manuela Mandl, Sam Good, Christoph Schöfegger, Núria Castan Baron, Fabian Lentsch, Markus Ascher, Jules Zenzemaier, Konstantin Ottner, Dominique Heinrich, Dorian Konrad

Filmers: Timmy Schröder, Daniel Bear, Alex Fuchs, Markus Tonak