These kids are crazy

Speedbumb2 | Aapo Myllärinen

By: Ethan Stone November 07, 2022

OK, where the hell did these guys come from? In case you thought that question wasn’t rhetorical, the answer is, obviously: Finland. This crew might be ams, but the features they’re stepping to are anything but amateur. This is everything we want in a street segment: rowdy music, rowdier skiing, an absolutely brutal crash segment and lots of creativity. Aapo Myllärinen, Lauri Joona and Juho Cederström, we haven’t heard of you before, but no worries: you now have our full attention!

From YouTube: Street skiing video from Finland by Aapo Myllärinen

Skiers: Aapo Myllärinen, Lauri Joona & Juho Cederström

Big thanks to friends who helped us during last winter.
A lot of time and effort was spent on this one,
hope you enjoy watching!