By: Ethan Stone November 04, 2022

Whatever you can do in the mountains, Sam is going to be better than you. – Markus Eder

Sam Anthamatten is used to playing second fiddle. For much of the past decade he’s been the sidekick, content to blend into the background while others take the spotlight. He was the sidekick in La Liste, the guide for Ultimate Run. Now, it’s time for Anthamatten to get his much-deserved dues.

The latest video project from The North Face, “Nevia” puts the freerider, guide, alpinist and Zermatt local squarely in center stage. Dive into Sam’s unique backstory, from his early years as his brother Simon’s climbing partner—including an ice-climbing first ascent when he was 13 years old—through his years of skiing and guiding with luminaries like Xavier De Le Rue, Jérémie Heitz and Markus Eder.  Finally, after a playful romp in Austrian powder with Eder and freeride legend Eric Hjorleifson, it’s time for Sam to take on one of his most ambitious projects yet: a combination paraglide and ski mission to the Obergabelhorn, a mountain descended in legendary fashion by Heitz in La Liste.

Along the way, enjoy some insight into the lives of those who push the limits—Markus Eder in particular has some intriguing stories to share. And enjoy Sam Anthamatten’s moment in the spotlight—a moment that’s been a long time coming.

Stay tuned for an exclusive feature interview with Sam Anthamatten in our upcoming print book, Ski Stories Vol. 4.

From YouTube: Throughout his career, freeride skier and fully qualified mountain guide Sam Anthamatten found his way of life in guiding, helping and looking out for his community. His experience and skills allowed others to fulfill their dreams, this time he’s the one in the spotlight.

NEVIA offers a glimpse into Sam’s life – not as a supporting act but as the main event – and on his attempt to a multidisciplinary mission that involves paragliding from Zermatt to the Obergabelhorn north face, hiking up to the top, skiing down, and then flying back home.