By: Roy Kittler June 07, 2017

We set out to Japan this February to film the famous powder. No plan, just flights and a van. To our dismay, Japan had been unusually dry this season. Finding snow was exhausting and not the easiest, but looking back, places like this aren’t always about skiing or shooting the best snow. It may sound trivial, but the journey itself, the bond forged between us 5 van dwellers, and the beautiful Japanese culture made this trip so magical and unforgettable. Arigato Japan.

Riding: Cody Cirillo, Mark Nowakiwsky, Carson Morford, Grant Giller
Filming: Tucker Brumley
Editing: Cody Cirillo

Music (In order of Appearance)
Unholy Flames- William Ryan Fritch
Descendants- William Ryan Fritch
Real Love Baby- Father John Misty

Special thanks to Lola Jobert, Garret Russel, Bobby Brown, and Eric Mehus