Lupe Hagearty’s NOwhere || NOW here

By: Downdays November 03, 2020

Lupe Hagearty is a skier who’s long been known for his dedication to the street grind—a passion that’s not known for its longevity. But rather than flame out and fade away, Lupe’s urban hustle has only improved over time, and NOwhere || NOW here (depending on how you want to read it) might be his best work yet. At the very least, it’s a very compelling case for a spot in X Games Real Ski.

“Nowhere Now Here- The title of the project is an example of how people have different perspectives in this world.

Depending on the viewer or reader NOWHERE can appear as NO WHERE or NOW HERE, depending on who reads the letters it will be interpreted in different ways. Just like the world and everything going on around us. The way something appears to someone can be interpreted in a totally different light by another.”