By: Roy Kittler February 21, 2018

Meadow Lodge – Part 2: Thayne Rich

The only worthy roof for the talents of Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich is in a backcountry touring hut, where life remains primitive and the skiing, well, radical. This is a complete 4FRNT adventure with great disparity between top talents, each driven to create content from alternating perspectives.

What happens when you put the GAH poster boy (Hoji) in a hut with a rookie like Thayne? Does the puppy breathe life into the old dog? Does he fall in line, one kick turn at a time?

The 2-part Meadow Lodge documents a 3-day adventure with Eric and Thayne in The Esplanades, an eastern subrange of The Columbia’s where the terrain flows east to the Columbia Rivers’ Kinbasket Lake.

Enjoy the crafts of these two backcountry skiers as they literally ski from the door of Meadow Lodge down fluted spines, endless pillows and perfectly gladed tree runs.

If you missed out on part 1 you can watch it right here.

Directed by Matt Sterbenz

Edited by Jake Strassman

Principle Cinematography by Austin Ramaley

Photography by Sam Watson

Additional Cinematography by: Matt Sterbenz Eric Hjorleifson Thayne Rich

Skiing by: Eric Hjorleifson Thayne Rich

Thank you to: GAH’s John Bell and Seb Trudeau 4FRNT Guide’s Harrison Brickman and Shane Treat