Straight outta Norway

On The Radar: Sandra Eie

By: Matt Masson May 02, 2023

Sandra Eie definitely made here mark on the contest scene this winter. A couple of solid World Cup silvers, an X Games appearance and impressive performances at events this spring. The Norwegian gave us a few minutes on the mountain at Red Bull Infinite Lines.

Sandra Eie

INSTAGRAM: @sandraeie

AGE: 27

HOMETOWN: Asker, Norway

HOME RESORT: Kirkerudbakken

SPONSORS: Karitraa, Head Ski, Tyrollia Bindings

Hi Sandra, we might as well start at the BEGINNING: I guess most norwegian kids ski?

In Norway there’s a saying, that you’re born on skis. So I’ve been skiing since I was like two or three years old, but just Alpine/normal skiing. I didn’t actually get into freeskiing until I was 14 or 15. Kind of late, but I have an older brother, who I’ve always followed in every sport. When he started freeskiing, I wanted to do the same. I just fell in love with it.  He’s a coach on the Norway junior teams, and was my coach before 2018.

I always saw how much fun he had in freeskiing, and I was kind of jealous, so I gave it a try and loved that it was a really cool sport where you can do whatever you want and challenge yourself. I guess I found out that I really like adrenaline.

I just started out at my local ski club with a lot of friends, and boys who would really push me to evolve and progress.

Sandra got accustomed to podiums at a young age.

Did it take long before you were competing?

My first contest was in Norway in 2014/15. I started in a Norwegian cup and then I got to ski Junior World Championships, my first big international contest. I also skied on the SFR Tour in like 2016.

2023 was your first X Games, but you’d been an alternate before?

I was actually  an alternate this year and two years ago too, but I had a head injury from the World Cup in Steamboat. This year was the first X Games I’ve skied in.

You definitely picked a historic one for your debut.

It was a crazy event! People say that it’s a different vibe and different feeling, going there and I don’t think you get it until you’re actually in it. Then it’s just wow!

Then you got a silver medal, in Big Air, at the World Championships.

Yeah, that was my second podium of the season, I had another silver at Chur, the first Big Air of the season in October. Chur was my first World Cup podium and I had to wait for the World Championships, in Georgia, for my second.

As a rider, is there a difference between a normal World Cup and the World Championships?

No. They’re basically the same!

You’re not any prouder of the World Champs medal?

No, even though it’s just every other year, it’s just another comp that you want to try to do well in.

Are you hoping to make it to your 2nd Olympic Games in 2026?

Yeah, I’ll be 30, so it’ll probably be my last Olympics.

Doing it for Norway! Showing off her World Championships hardware with fellow countryman, Bird Ruud.

Do you have any plans outside of skiing?

When it’s been as hectic as this year, I just want to be home and chill with my friends. I love traveling outside of the season too. People might think that’s a bit weird because we travel so much with skiing, but it’s totally different. I love Barcelona, it’s my favourite city. I try to go there every year. I definitely haven’t thought about any studies or anything, I’m just taking it day by day.

You switched to Head Skis this season, what’s that been like?

I skied Faction for at least ten years, but I thought it was time for a change and when Head reached out to me, I was like; ‘F*ck yeah!’

Perfect match.

What are the skis like?

I’m really happy. I had to get used to the skis, but now I’m super happy with the 81 skis and the 94 I’m skiing here.

I guess the conditions here at Infinite Lines are a bit different to what you’re used to?

Yeah, I’m skiing a wider ski, it’s 94mm underfoot. I’m not that used to the skis, but it’s really fun in the powder. It’s perfect.

I said to you earlier that I thought the mountains in Norway are similar to the terrain here, but you said that’s not true.

Yeah, I don’t think so, but I haven’t really skied much backcountry back home either. You could probably find similar stuff really far up north, but where I’m from;,no way!

But is that a side of skiing that you’d like to explore?

Absolutely. I’ve always said to myself that I want to do a project or filming or something. That would be so sick, but every season is so hectic. That’s definitely a goal, but it’s just finding the time! It would be super dope to go into freeride after my career.

Is Infinite Lines the start of that transition..?

Haha I have a few more years, but for sure this is fun and I want to do it more. It’s a nice break from all the park jumps.

Here it’s super interesting, not only are there so many different lines, but it seems that everyone uses each feature differently, which must be quite refreshing?

You can choose wherever you want to go and it’s super fun. Creating your own line, instead of having three jumps ahead of you and you know everyone has to hit all three. It’s really cool that you can use your creativity here.

I was having so much fun in the powder, so I was like f*ck those jumps, I’m going over there. I’m a competitive person, but after all the World Cups, I’m just skiing for myself here. I’ve had my best season so far and I’m stoked and hungry for more.