TBT: Sammy Carlson’s Switch Triple

By: Downdays September 17, 2020

A decade ago this summer, Sammy Carlson landed the first switch triple on skis at Mt. Hood. Already the backdrop for so many legendary snowsports moments, this one was particularly special—a hometown boy on his own turf, a perfect sunset shoot and a groundbreaking trick.

Sammy was actually the second freeskier to land a triple—Bobby Brown had landed a forward triple cork only a short while before, but his footage with Matchstick Productions was held back until the fall. Sammy’s feat, meanwhile, went straight to the Internet (with the beats of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg no less), a certain sign of the times to come.

These days Sammy spends his time blasting through powder in the Canadian backcountry (here’s his last edit “Over Time” for proof. So enjoy this journey back in time when Sammy ruled the park game, before he turned into an absolute backcountry machine.

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