Chasing a dream line

Run | Wiley Miller’s dream line

By: Ethan Stone December 01, 2023

Run is a short documentary film about Wiley Miller‘s long-time goal to ski his dream line in the Beartooth Mountains. It also showcases the devastating floods that occurred in Yellowstone National Park in June 2022 due to heavy snowmelt. Not your typical ski flick, but definitely an interesting theme and story.

From YouTube: For the last 5 years, Wiley Miller has dreamed of skiing the perfect line in the Beartooth Mountains. For years, it alluded him due to a lack of snow, or deadly avalanche conditions.

In June of 2022, historic flooding from unprecedented snowmelt in the Beartooths devastated Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding communities.

Run is the story of the flood and line, and how water ties together our communities. From ranchers to skiers, Southwest Montana depends deeply on a balanced aquatic symbiosis that is ever-changing and volatile.

Starring: Wiley Miller, Cam Sholley, Mike Carter, Alex Marienthal
Directed By: Edward Clem
Principal Cinematography By: Edward Clem
Additional Cinematography By: Oliver Hamilton, Kyle Lieberman
FPV Cinematography: Patrick Conroy
Edited By: Sean O’Brien
Produced By: Wiley Miller and Edward Clem