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Turmoil | Dasha Agafonova

By: Ethan Stone May 11, 2022

At the present time, Downdays isn’t sharing any content from Russia or from Russian athletes. However, this video project from Dasha Agafonova aka @dasha_gangsta_russia is a special exception.

Why? Not just because this is an exquisitely produced short street film from an impressive up-and-coming street skier. Also because Dasha is one of very few Russian skiers who isn’t afraid to openly voice her opposition to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Skiing has the power to unite people across borders. Russia needs more people like Dasha, and that’s why we won’t hold back from sharing her video.

From YouTube:

This film was made by the crew of two people, in March 2022, in Moscow during the first month of invasion in Ukraine. Supposed to be a ski film, it naturally became something more. When the world around has gone mad, hold on to what you truly love!

Skiing and idea – Dasha Agafonova

Footage and editing – Sergey Petlin


Manizha – “Держи Меня Земля”

Manizha – “Russian Woman”

Монеточка – “Переживу”

Oxxxymiron – “Организация”

Manizha – “Now or Never”