reflecting with the italian FWT star

What if ..? | Arianna Tricomi gets philosophical in her new short

By: Adam Herman February 06, 2024

The Italian FWT star gets philosophical in her new short film. The past couple winters in Europe haven’t been great. Is it just another bad winter? Is there ever going to be a good one again? Arianna Tricomi is probably not the first one to contemplate – What if?

Global warming, smart phones, drinking water, ego and skiing all get reflected upon by Arianna here, with some nice skiing cut in between. While she mostly talks about last winter here, it really hits hard now with all the slushy days we get at beginning of February with not snow in sight.

From Arianna:

Winter 2023 in the Alps is a special one. It is really dry everywhere and not one single place has a good snowpack. For professional freeskier Arianna Tricomi this inevitably brings up some questions. What if this is our future?

What if this is only an exception? What if we finish our water supplies way earlier than expected? And what if this job – my job as a skier – is ruining my passion towards skiing during such a hard winter?

Filmed and edited by Troublehaus productions.