Simon Bartik – Slav and Friends Trailer

By: Downdays February 05, 2021

With legendary events like the Soldiers Big Air and prominent athletes like Dan Hanka, there’s no question that the small but vibrant Czech freeski scene punches above its weight in Europe and beyond. Everyone’s favorite roaming Slav, Simon Bartik has been adding to the culture with videos like “Slav in America” and “Slav 2.” Now Simon is back with a trailer for his latest movie, “Slav and Friends,” dropping in fall 2021.

Simon began the project in the 2019/2020 season with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, and decided to extend it into a 2-year project after the winter got complicated. “Since I had a pretty rough last season – had to compete a lot, got injured, the season was cut short and it was pretty impossible to do a premiere – I decided to keep filming for it this upcoming season,” he says.

With the power trio of Simon, Dan Hanka and Voita Bresky in the lead roles, supported by a diverse gang of friends including Tomas Kroczek, Stepan Hudecek, Alex Hall, Tereza Korabova, Elias Syrja and more, “Slav and Friends” should be a highlight of this fall’s homegrown movie crop.