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Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler

By: Roy Kittler October 27, 2017

Chris Benchetler has influenced so many with his fluid style as a skier. Pack your bags for an epic journey around the west coast as Chris visits the many friends that he draws inspiration from. . . Surfers, Climbers, Artists, Skiers, and Snowboarders all provide sparks to the creative fire that is Chris’ path, both as an athlete and an artist.

To learn more of Chris’ custom van build, visit:


Magic Sword “Legend of the Keeper”

Bonobo “Animals”

Widower “Two Tombstones” and “Jumper Cables”

William Ryan Fritch “Violet”

Jon and Roy “Cuban Bee”

Vacationer “Go Anywhere”

New Candys “Thrill or Trip”

Waterstrider “New Sun” and “Soundless Sea” and “Calliope”