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A Real Skifi documentary: Mad Professors of Skiing

By: Simon Bartik February 08, 2024

“Mad Professors of Skiing” is a full-length documentary film about a unique group of people that everyone knows as Real Skifi. We learn about the beginnings of the collective, filming a part with Level 1, blowing up as an internet sensation, crazy ideas with tractors, doing collaborations, and the retirement of one of their members. What an interesting watch—if you are a fan, make sure to tune in.

Words from Real Skifi:

We made this film first and foremost for ourselves and our loved ones. In the age of fast clips and algorithms, we wanted to create a meaningful memory that could last for decades. The goal was not to convince the world how cool of a phenomenon Real Skifi is. Instead, we tried to capture genuine feelings and memories focusing on what this journey has felt like and meant for us.

We started working on Mad Professors of Skiing in the spring of 2020 and we premiered it locally in December 2022. And now, in February 2024, it’s time to release it for you.

Biggest thanks to everyone who has accompanied, supported or watched us throughout the years. We couldn’t have done this without you. We’re beyond thankful for all we’ve had.