Line Skis Downdays Brand Guide


Skiing the Wrong Way Since ’95

Skiing is un-fun. That was probably the best way to describe the sport in the early 1990s. What were the options? Straight, stiff & uninspiring skis. In 1995, LINE began with the mission to change that – to reclaim that enjoyment that comes from strapping sticks to your feet & sending yourself down a slope at gravity’s disposal. From humble beginnings as a garage brand in upstate New York to becoming a worldwide innovator in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, LINE’s mission has always been the simple goal of making skiing MORE FUNNER!


We destroy expectation. We make room, hold space, and ski everything. We are iconoclast.

We don’t want to break the status quo – we simply don’t give a shit about it.

We’re here to do our thing – to ski, skate, surf, snowboard, & tour. We’re here for the fun of it, and you’re all invited.


We’ve imagined and created our sport and our playground. Progression is perpetuated by the bold and our community enables and fosters creativity.


Break all expectations with influential design and authentic representation. Grow line’s community while staying true to our innovative and disruptive roots.


Reclaim the mountain. Build a community that represents the most inclusive freeski brand in the marketplace. Reject the status quo, find our own line.

Did you know that…

…LINE was born in 1995 in the garage of Jason Levinthal in Albany, New York?

…LINE got its start making skiboards?

…in 1999 the first full-length, 193cm real twin tip skis were created and named “The Ostness Dragon” for LINE rider Kris Ostness?

…the CHRONIC collection was released back in 2004 and quickly became a benchmark for which all other freestyle skis are compared to?